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07 November 2014 @ 01:56 pm
Amor Aeternus ××× for thesockmonster  
Written for: thesockmonster
: Amor Aeternus
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7.5k
Summary: Maybe it's because Lu Han's lonely that he doesn't have much resistance to Jongdae's emphasis that they're soulmates.
Warning/s: spanking, some dirty talk, mild come play
Author's Note: I hope this is to your liking! \o/

“If you sign up now or on any other day of January, we’ll have your match ready before Valentine’s Day! Signups are completely free so what are you waiting for? Come down to Amor Aeternus today!” Hearts burst all over his TV screen. All over the thirty inches until he feels like they’re going to pop out and suffocate him.

A phone number materializes in the middle of the heart explosion. It shimmers and wiggles. Expands and shrinks within seconds. Lu Han clutches onto his pillow and grumbles grumpy sounds. When the interviews with ‘real’ couples take over his screen, he yanks the remote control off of his nightstand and switches the channel.

“How about helping people who signed up years ago first, huh? We need love too!” Lu Han huffs and shakes his pillow in the air. Groaning at his own actions and words, he flops onto his side. He closes his eyes against the light flickering from his TV.

Ten years have passed since he registered with Amor Aeternus. Ten long years that prove to Lu Han that he’s not getting any younger. Soon, he’ll be in his thirties and he’ll have to succumb to unwanted loneliness because who would want a thirty year old man who’s jaded and desperate for someone?

Except he’s not all that desperate. He doesn’t want anybody else but his soulmate — the one who’s meant for him and only him. He didn’t realize how difficult the search would turn out to be for him.

He’s spent the last ten years waiting for a thick envelope that’s filled with his match papers. He even visited the agency a few times to make sure they knew his address had changed when he entered college and later after he graduated.

On top of his match papers would have been a name in bold characters.

The name of his soulmate.

He had plans to frame it on his wall and let it be proudly displayed to anybody who ventures into his bedroom. And secretly, he still wanted those plans to pull through. Just so he can show how much he’s been waiting and that his wait isn’t for nothing.

But if anything, he wants to brag to everybody and anybody in the streets that he has a soulmate. He just doesn’t know if that’s ever going to happen.


Lu Han doesn’t know when he dozes off. When he wakes up, it’s to a familiar voice that’s broadcasting the morning traffic. It’s the last voice he wants to hear, but it’s from the only person who puts up with him lamenting about his lonely woes. It comes with insults though, that Lu Han happily fires back.

He rubs his eyes before stretching his arms out and glancing at his alarm clock. It’s ridiculously early in the morning. Early enough that the morning rush is still in a few hours and there probably aren’t any major morning traffic problems to report.

That’s the sad life of Byun Baekhyun. Unwanted hours for little news.

Lu Han counts the wrinkles he sees on Baekhyun’s face, writing it down to tell him later. It’d be a stab at Baekhyun for making fun of Lu Han’s own wrinkles around his eyes. It’s not like Lu Han can help that his skin wants to fold everytime he laughs or even smiles.

When it’s a quarter past six, Lu Han shuffles out of bed. He goes about his morning routine because he’s all about having his days play out in a similar fashion. He brushes his teeth, washes his face and drags his work clothes on. Then he wonders if he should have eggs or cereal for breakfast. But he settles on a muffin because he doesn’t have that much time left before he needs to hurry to work.

His phone rings as he kicks the door closed and locks it. He pulls his phone out, quirking an eyebrow up at the caller’s ID before accepting the call. “Hey, I saw your broadcast. I caught the end of it but great job, you’ve doubled up on the wrinkles and your dark circles are going to take over your cheeks. Love it.”

“Well, good morning to you too, asshole.”

The corners of his lips twitch up. Lu Han balances his phone between his ear and shoulder, sliding into his car. “Sorry, should we start over? Good morning, dear. I hope you had a wonderful rest last night.”

“I actually had no sleep last night at all,” Baekhyun whines loudly. The sound mixes in with the rush of the car’s engine. Lu Han narrows his eyes at Baekhyun’s words, letting them sink in for a few seconds.

He mumbles as he sets his muffin down on his lap before pulling out of the driveway. “Let me guess, your ass is sore as fuck.”

“Excuse you. I can sense the jealousy in your voice!” Lu Han doesn’t think he can roll his eyes any harder. “But yes. Yes it is sore. Will you massage it for me?”

“Kyungsoo wouldn’t like that, you know.”


“That was my polite way of saying get the fuck outta here.”

“Look here, you insensitive jerk, can’t you be nice to me for once? It’s not even seven yet.”

“I’ll be nice to you when you’re nice and that’s impossible for you.” He adds as a smug afterthought, “unless you’re begging for sex and even then, that’s only to one person. Kyungsoo is either very lucky or very unfortunate. I’m leaning towards the second one.”

“At least I have my match.” Baekhyun grumbles and Lu Han’s so used to Baekhyun throwing that at him, he barely feels his heart drop. Maybe he’s just finally accepting the fact that he’s going to be alone for the rest of his life.

It’s not like the bachelor’s life is so bad. He has a whole king-sized bed all to himself with nobody to snore in his ear or kick him while he’s asleep. Nobody to regulate his food. So if he wants to eat fried chicken all day and drown cases of beer with them, he can.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m happy for you. Oh look, I can be nice.”

Lu Han runs his fingers through his hair, suppressing a sigh. His body’s craving for caffeine. For anything to coax energy through his veins. The next time he sees Kyungsoo, he better get a trophy for putting up with Baekhyun so early in the morning. When did it become Lu Han’s job to entertain Baekhyun in Kyungsoo’s place?

“You are being nice. Maybe I should say that more often—”

“I’m about to hang up on you.”

“I’m kidding! Are you on your way to the daycare? Wait, hold on, I need to say goodbye.” There’s a sudden myriad of voices at Baekhyun’s end. Most of them echo farewells and a good job. Lu Han scrunches his nose up at Baekhyun’s voice rising in volume and sweetness. He taps his fingers along the steering wheel and bites at his lip to stop himself from laughing.

It’s always a treat when Lu Han catches the moments when Baekhyun acts excessively sweet.

When the voices fade out in favor of the low humming of passing cars, Lu Han lets out a chuckle. “Yeah, I am. Are you going to drop by? The kids enjoy playing with you and with you distracting them, I can finish up my paperwork.”

“Um, sure. I’ll play with them and then I am gonna join them during naptime ‘cause I’m wiped.”

“Oh yeah, telling everybody in Seoul that the roads are clear with no accidents is exhausting.” Lu Han snickers. He turns into the daycare parking lot, sliding into the same spot he parks every day. “Okay, so see you later, right? Love you, bye!”

He hangs up before Baekhyun can say goodbye and slips out of his car. There’s a kink in his neck that he tries to roll out, puffing his cheeks out at the faint pain.

There are already a few parents dropping their children off when he walks in. He bows to each person, waving his hands at the children. Lu Han can’t stop his smile from growing. Even though he might be lonely and awake at an ungodly hour, he can always count on the kids to take his mind off of things.

“Mr. Lu!” A little girl runs around his legs. Her skirt flounces around her with each step. She tries to squeeze in between his legs and slaps her tiny hands against his thighs when she fails to.

Lu Han sticks his tongue out at her playfully. “Well, good morning, Jisu. You’re so full of energy today.”

“Mommy gave me juice!” She squeals when he taps her nose.

“Oh, and you didn’t share with me?”

Jisu shakes her head quickly, causing her pigtails to whip across her face. “No! My juice.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll let it go since you’re so cute.” Jisu giggles, swaying her arms. He kneels down and fixes the pink bows in her hair before turning her around and ushering into the play area. “Go play with your friends now.”

“Uh, excuse me?”

Lu Han looks up. His eyes meet with black pants hugging a pair of legs in a flattering fashion. They travel up, grazing over a crotch and up a chest he wouldn’t mind running his hands over. The thoughts jerk him into straightening his stance. Mentally, he’s dousing himself in holy water because this was not the place to have those kinds of thoughts.

Instead, he should be questioning this person because Lu Han’s never seen him before. And he would remember somebody with fucking amazing thighs and an even more tempting chest.

“Are you related to Jisu—”

He cut Lu Han off with a dismissive wave. “I’m her brother. Parents were in a rush so I got the duty of taking her here, but anyway, do I need to sign her in or something?”

“Oh. Yeah, right here.” Lu Han gestures over to the counter where a clipboard rested in front of the receptionist. The guy’s voice practically snuggles into him, wrapping him in hypothetical blanket.


He watches as the guy walks over to the counter. His gaze immediately drops to his ass and Lu Han has to stop himself from whistling. If he thought the jeans hugged his thighs pretty well, it’s pretty much a second skin on his ass. Lu Han finds himself needing to know how it felt to have that ass in his hands, maybe even against his—

“Thanks again. For looking after Jisu too.” The guy flashes a smile, the corners of his lips seemed to beg for kisses. There’s an anxious air surrounding the guy that Lu Han didn’t notice at first and he raises an eyebrow. “I better get going! I need today to fly because I’m going to meet my soulmate after school.”

He reaches into his bag and pulls out a few papers, wiggling them. Lu Han recognizes the stamp of Amor Aeternus on top of the first sheet of paper. Before he can read anything else, the papers are shoved back into the bag.

“Oh. Um, good luck to you.” Lu Han tries to smile, but the battle of emotions rising inside his chest makes it hard. On one hand, he kind of just realized the guy’s wearing a school uniform and he was just having suggestive thoughts about him.

And on the other hand, he’s envious of him because he’s young and he already received his match papers.

With a sigh, Lu Han stares after the guy as he waves goodbye. He pushes all thoughts of him out of his mind and goes on about his day.


At the end of the day, Lu Han cleans up the toys and any juice boxes thrown to the side or stuffed under a table. He finds a pink bow clipped onto a ragdoll. It brings a smile to his face, but he takes it off without a second thought. Jisu had already left with her parents to head home so he’ll keep it and hand it to her the next time he sees her.

While he may not be the only daycare worker, he’s the last one to leave. He checks a few times to make sure everything’s tidy and in their proper place before he locks up. It’s past dinnertime and he’s grateful to see Baekhyun waiting at his car.

Baekhyun had visited for an hour or so and played hide-n-seek with all the kids. He only left when Kyungsoo called to take him shopping. But he promised to bring him a box of chicken when the day’s over.

“Your number one redeeming quality is that you pull through on your promises.” Lu Han grins and holds his hands out happily. “And you got me fucking beer too. You are the best.”

Baekhyun hands over the bags and laughs, nose crinkling. “I wouldn’t have if Kyungsoo didn’t insist. He said something like you’d just eat ramen and drink tap water or some shit like that so you’re welcome.”

“Kyungsoo’s the best person to walk into your life. After me, of course.”

“Uh huh.” Baekhyun rolls his eyes and pushes himself away from the car. “So tell me more about this ass dude.”

“What’s there to say? He’s still in school and I’m not talking about a frat boy, but I’m talking about a uniform wearing type of boy who’s off limits.”

“So what? I haven’t seen you interested in anybody since, I don’t even know when. Enough with this soulmate business, get some of that glorious ass you were talking about. Get laid. Please.”

Lu Han eyes Baekhyun and pushes him out of the way. “I can live without having sex, you know. I’m not you and Kyungsoo, okay?”

“Speaking of Soo, I gotta get him some dinner too. Think about getting laid, seriously. Talk to you later, yeah?”

“You call me for no reason half the time. You’re going to make sure we talk later.” Lu Han nods anyway, waving his hand as Baekhyun gets in his car. Lu Han slides into his own and sets the bags on the passenger’s seat. The smell of the chicken spreads through his car and he thinks it’s the best car scent ever.

The drive to his house is quiet except for his stomach’s grumblings. If he was better at multitasking, he’d munch on the chicken as he’s driving and gulp a whole can of beer. When he’s close to his house, he seems a vaguely familiar figure wandering up and down the sidewalk

He leans forward a bit. For a moment, he thinks he’s hallucinating because he’s been thinking about that ass from this morning all day. But then the guy looks at him and he sucks in a breath that doesn’t seem to want to be released. He pulls into his driveway, half-expecting the guy to walk up to him.

When he doesn’t, Lu Han grabs his bags and walks to his front door slowly. He can feels eyes staring at him, glued to every single step. Glancing back over his shoulder, he tilts his head, realizing the guy’s nowhere to be found now. He unlocks his door and slips inside.

It unsettles his nerves to have someone affect him so.

“Well, no better day to drown it out than with chicken and beer.”

After he showers and changes into a t-shirt and boxer briefs, Lu Han settles himself on his bed. He flips his TV on and opens a can of beer, gulping it down before the black screen on his TV materializes into the evening news. He crushes the empty can in his hand. The dents and sharp grooves on the can press into his palm gently. He leans over and tosses it in the trash.

There’s a loud knock at his door. He doesn’t realize it’s coming from the porch and not from the TV until someone yells, “I know you’re home! Lu Han!”

It’s not a familiar voice. But he knows he’s heard it before. And even if they know he’s home, he’s tempted to stay in bed and pig out. Every day’s a long day and he just wants to relax.

The knocking, however, persists. It’s loud enough that Lu Han’s sure it’s probably echoing through the neighborhood. He slides out of his comfy bed and hurries over to the front door.

“I’m coming! I’m here, actually.” Lu Han clears his throat, peeking through the window. He pushes his hand through his hair as he pulls the door open. And in front of him is Mr. Glorious Ass. With a duffel bag slung over his shoulder and his uniform pressed neat and tight against his body.

“Lu Han.”

Lu Han grips the door until his knuckles are taut and wan. It’s a reflex to narrow his eyes, suspicious and unnecessarily curious. He asks, cautious, “yes?”

“We’re soulmates!” A grin stretches across the guy’s face and before Lu Han can properly react, he’s pushing his way into his living room. “I’m Jongdae, by the way. Nice place you got here.”

Lu Han blinks. He’s left standing in front of his opened door and looking out at the moon bright in the sky. The door shuts closed in front of him. Jongdae leans in front of him, waving his hand across Lu Han’s face.

“Wait!” Lu Han jumps back, uncomfortable at how small the distance was between them. For more than one reason. “What makes you think you can just come waltzing in like this?”

“Because we’re going to live together. I already decided it.” Jongdae nods and pulls the papers out. They’re the same ones as the ones he showed Lu Han at the daycare. This time, Jongdae lets Lu Han hold them. Read them until he feels like his head’s about to explode.

“You didn’t just type this up, did you?”

“Uh. Nope.” Jongdae shakes his head, strolling over to the couch and letting himself drop onto it. His bag slips to the ground. He sprawls out, one leg thrown over the top of the couch and the other dangling off near the carpet. And Lu Han tries to pretend the sight isn’t as inviting as it should be.

He forces himself to look at the papers again.

Lu Han can feel his jaw unhinge from his whole face. He looks over the words, feeling his breath swiftly leaving him, and sure enough his name’s on top of the first paper. Bolded and mocking. The rest of the papers list their compatibilities, percentages and statistics that go right over his head.

There is one bit of information that blasts off all of his alarms. “You’re sixteen.”

“I’m seventeen!” Jongdae holds up seven fingers. The grin he’s wearing seems to only grow. “Well, I guess if you want to get technical, I’m sixteen. But I’ll be seventeen in September! That’s four months away, but whatever. Details, yo.”

September is more than four months away. It’s eight months and Lu Han wonders if Jongdae’s trying to pull his leg or not. Should he laugh and go along with it or correct him?

His gut feeling is telling him to run away.


“You got a nice place. I can definitely see myself living here.”

“Um.” Lu Han looks from the papers to Jongdae. He doesn’t know how to respond. His brain’s shutting down and he kind of just wants to crawl back in bed and drown himself in his beer. Instead he sets the papers down on his coffee table and calmly calls his friends.


For the whole half hour it took Baekhyun and Kyungsoo to drive over to his house, Lu Han had paced around his kitchen, washed the dishes twice and stared into his fridge. He did anything to keep his mind off of Jongdae. But the kitchen has a clear view of his living room and the couch Jongdae lies on.

And every second, Jongdae made sure Lu Han could feel him watching with a careless comment thrown here and there about Lu Han’s physique or the layout of his kitchen. Or something random; Lu Han doesn’t really pay attention. He’s mesmerized by his voice and everywhere he looks, he’s seeing Jongdae’s ass.

By the time Baekhyun and Kyungsoo are there, Lu Han’s slumped against the counter. He fills them in through mumbles and groans, and somehow, they understand.

Well, Kyungsoo understands. Baekhyun’s shaking his shoulders and not caring if Lu Han’s forehead bumps against the counter or not.

“What could be so wrong about this? Do you know how much energy teenagers have nowadays—do you?!”

Lu Han kicks at Baekhyun’s knee, narrowing his eyes as he slaps Baekhyun’s hands away. “Fuck off. Why did I call you over? Soo take him away. I don’t need bad logic right now.”

However, Kyungsoo only raises his hands. He’s shaking his head and Lu Han can’t ignore the smile playing over Kyungsoo’s lips. He aims a kick at Kyungsoo’s knee too, but Baekhyun grabs hold of his ankle, leaving Lu Han awkwardly leaning against the counter on one foot.

“How can a daycare worker use language like that, I’m appalled!”

“Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. Don’t I do a wonderful job separating my personal life from my work? I don’t cuss in front of kids so I let it out on you.” Lu Han tugs his leg away from Baekhyun, stumbling to right himself before letting gravity take over and drag him to the ground.

Kyungsoo snorts. He rests a hand against Baekhyun’s arm and shakes his head some more. “We didn’t come over here to make Lu lose his mind.”

“I did!” Jongdae yells from the couch.

There’s a smug tone in his words. They’re just two words, but they’re enough to make Lu Han pull Kyungsoo close to use his legs as a poor, makeshift shield.

“You guys need to keep your voice down.” Lu Han hisses.

“Even if you do that, I can still hear everything. I’ve heard everything.”

Lu Han pales and knocks his head back against the counter. Because Jongdae’s probably heard him grumble about his ass before Baekhyun and Kyungsoo arrived. And he doesn’t know how he’s going to live anymore.

He glances around. If he could find a notepad and a pen, it would solve the eavesdropping problem easily. Even though he can’t exactly accuse Jongdae of eavesdropping when his house has thin walls and he’s practically rubbing elbows with anybody in the next room over.

“Why don’t you just kick him out? If you really don’t want to see how much energy he has, I’ll do it for you.”

“You’ll do what?” Baekhyun sidles up to Kyungsoo’s side.

Kyungsoo rolls his eyes, deflecting Baekhyun’s hug with his arms. “Kick him out.”

“I can’t just kick him out.” Lu Han’s thought about it.

Of course. Some random student comes knocking on his door and barging in without a care, how could he not have thought of it? It had sprouted in the back of his mind and it lingers there with all the other thoughts (that he really shouldn’t be having).

But the enthusiasm Jongdae had when he announced they were soulmates. It reminds him of the enthusiasm he had when he registered for his match ten years ago. He was the same age as Jongdae, sixteen and still naive of the world. The age difference is glaringly clear, but his heart’s bleeding and aching with understanding.

“My parents told me not to come back until I become a man anyway.”

Lu Han jolts out of his thoughts. Jongdae’s standing behind Kyungsoo, head tilted down to look at Lu Han. “What?”

“They were really excited when I told them I found my soulmate! Very supportive too.” Jongdae grins, cheeky as he crouches down in front of Lu Han. “I’m staying. You have to help me become a man.”

“Um.” Lu Han glances up at Kyungsoo for help. Pouting for a bit, but then he feels a thumb against his lips and he backs up against the counter.

Baekhyun snickers, clearly mimicking Lu Han’s own snicker from earlier. “It’s getting late, Lu. Let him stay the night and take care of everything in the morning.”

“Yeah, I need to get Baekhyun back to bed.” Kyungsoo nods. He’s already grabbing Baekhyun’s hand and tugging him out of the kitchen. “He seems like a good kid so don’t make him cry.”

“You guys are leaving? You just got here—let’s have a slumber party for old time’s sake!” Lu Han scrambles up to his feet. He reaches out for Baekhyun’s free hand until he freezes up. There are thin arms wrapping around his waist and pulling him back. The words you can’t leave me here alone with him die on his tongue.

“Have a slumber party with Jongdae.” Baekhyun holds a thumb up and laughs, following Kyungsoo out the door. “Bye, Lu. Have fun!”

Once again, Lu Han’s at a loss for words. Warmth presses into him and something nuzzles the crook of his neck, inciting heat to rush through him. A heartbeat thumps against his back, rapid and in time with his own heartbeat.

“I like slumber parties.” It’s mumbled close to his ear.

Hot breath fans out against his skin and Lu Han faintly registers a few fingers slipping under his shirt to poke at his boxer briefs. He bites at his lip and pulls away.

“That’s great.” Lu Han takes a few steps away from Jongdae, putting as much distance as he can between them. “Um, you can take a shower first. It’s down the hall and the only door on the left.”

“You don’t want to take one together?”



It’s not that Lu Han detests the idea of Jongdae.

It’s the fact that Jongdae’s young and while Lu Han might be ready to settle down, Jongdae probably isn’t. It’s the fact that it’s kind of frowned upon for an adult to have a relationship with a student. But despite it all, nothing stops him from gazing at Jongdae when Jongdae waltzes into his bedroom with only a towel hanging loosely around his hips.

Waterdrops fall from the tips of his hair. They catch onto his chest, crawling down smooth skin before being absorbed by the towel. Lu Han tries not to notice how Jongdae’s nipples are hard. It’s not even cold in his house.

Lu Han opens another can of beer and takes a few gulps of it. It’s something straight out of a drama and he doesn’t want any of this shit right now. He wants to burrow himself in alcohol and pretend there isn’t some barely naked teenager in his bedroom.

Jongdae cross the distance between them. His hand keeps his towel held against his hip, but it’s a relaxed hold because the towel’s kind of slipping down, revealing more skin and prominent hip lines. Lu Han stares at the ceiling above Jongdae’s head.

With a quiet hum, Jongdae ducks down and licks at Lu Han’s neck. He mumbles, pressing a kiss against a brisk pulse where Lu Han’s sure his breath is stuck, “that’s some tasty beer. Can I have a can?”

“No, you can’t.” Lu Han continues to stare at the same spot. His ceiling could use a paint job or a splash of glow-in-the-dark stars and planet. It’s so dull.

“You’re really stubborn.” Jongdae taps his fingers along Lu Han’s chest before pressing his palms flat against him and pushing Lu Han down. He crawls over Lu Han, letting the towel slip away. “It’s okay to touch me. Fuck, please touch me. I know you want me.”

“No, no—this isn’t right. You’re only fucking sixteen.” Lu Han starts to push Jongdae away, but he’s distracted by the way Jongdae straddles his hips, by how he’s warm and the feel of him is right, by how Jongdae’s fucking hard.

“We’re soulmates. Age is but a number and the Nile is only a river!”


“Do I need to show you how compatible we are? That we’re soulmates?” Jongdae runs a finger down to Lu Han’s briefs and dips it under the waistband. His hips are squirming and Lu Han’s growing erection is fitting nice and snug between Jongdae’s ass cheeks.

Lu Han can’t think straight. He doesn’t know what’s right or wrong anymore because the only thoughts that are flooding his mind is fuck this and how much he needs to know how tight teen ass is. He’ll give in for the night and deal with the consequences in the morning.

“Show me.”

Jongdae smiles and responds with a quick kiss to Lu Han’s lips.

It leaves Lu Han wanting another kiss so he cups Jongdae’s cheeks and pulls him close, capturing his plump lips in a slow kiss. Their noses brush against each other’s before the kiss deepens with Lu Han nipping at Jongdae’s lower lip. It coaxes a soft whine out of the younger that Lu Han inhales, flicking his tongue at Jongdae’s.

The kiss quickly twists into only tongues and breathy moans. Lu Han’s hands graze along Jongdae’s back, feeling the muscles tense and relax underneath his touch. Jongdae grinds his hips down. His erection rubs against Lu Han’s clothed one, creating a frustrating friction. Lu Han bucks his hips up with a low growl. He needs more than a fucking cock against his.

Jongdae seems to get the message as he pulls away, leaving a string of saliva connecting their tongues. Grinning with lust-blown eyes, he shoves Lu Han’s briefs off and slides down between Lu Han’s thighs. Along the way, he makes sure to bite at Lu Han’s nipple through his shirt. Jongdae makes himself comfortable, wiggling closer to Lu Han as lifts his ass up into the air. He rubs his cheek against Lu Han’s thigh and leaves a trail of kisses along it.

“You sure are taking your sweet time with this.” Lu Han grunts out, voice breathy and cracked with desire.

“I love your fucking thighs. I need to memorize this one.” Jongdae closes his eyes, licking a stripe down Lu Han’s thigh and stopping right next to Lu Han’s balls. He takes one in his mouth, sucking on it gently before letting it pop out of his mouth. He takes it back in with a hum that makes Lu Han’s cock twitch.

“That’s not my thigh.”

“You’re right.” Jongdae mumbles, nearly burying his face into Lu Han’s crotch, tongue swirling around his balls. “This is my testicle.”

“Christ,” Lu Han breathes out, pushing his hand in Jongdae’s hair.

Jongdae pulls away to stick his tongue out at Lu Han. Warm fingers wrap around his cock, giving it a small tug that has already has Lu Han groaning. His hips up buck up more at the touch.

Lu Han watches the way Jongdae looks at his cock, the hunger evident in his eyes. Precome leaks out the tip of his cock and Jongdae twists his hand around it, spreading the precome down slowly to the base. He flicks his gaze up at Lu Han, staring at him in a way that makes him want to shove his cock down his throat and fuck it raw.

But Lu Han wills himself to calm down. As far as he knew, Jongdae’s a horny virgin and the last thing he’d want is his ‘soulmate’ to not ever want sex again.

Because that’s a catastrophe in and of itself.

Jongdae’s tongue dips along the slit, collecting the precome and swallowing it before rubbing all the way down the length of him. He sucks at the base for a few seconds and then drags his hot tongue back up the underside. “What are you thinking of?” Jongdae asks, dark eyes half-lidded as he gives quick, kitten licks along Lu Han’s cock.

Lu Han’s not sure what to think. Or if Jongdae wants a serious answer or not.

Did Jongdae want to have a heart-to-heart talk while he’s sucking him off?

“I’m thinking about...fucking your mouth.” Lu Han pants out. His grip in Jongdae’s hair tightens and he’s tugging at it when Jongdae goes down on him. Jongdae’s eyes flutter close. His hands rest against Lu Han’s hips, nails digging into his skin, leaving crescent marks.

He bobs his head slowly at first, pressing his tongue flat against a vein and flicking at it. Drool leaks down Lu Han’s cock. Jongdae’s cheeks hollow around him and he takes him in until the crown of Lu Han’s cock touches the back of Jongdae’s throat. Tears brim in the corners of Jongdae’s eyes as he gags quietly. Jongdae pushes his hips against the bed, grinding against it, whimpering while Lu Han fucks up into his mouth in long, slow strokes.

Lu Han brushes the hair back from Jongdae’s forehead. His eyes are very close to rolling back in pleasure, but they’re locked on the way Jongdae’s so eager to suck on his cock. It’s as if he’s claiming it as his own and Lu Han’s more than willing to let him have it.

Lu Han bucks his hips. Just a little harder; enough to make Jongdae gag again and swallow around his cock. When Lu Han smacks his ass, Jongdae pulls up with a sharp gasp. He takes in a few breaths, lips rosy pink and eyes darker than before. Words fall from his lips, “spank me again.”

Words that Lu Han complies with, smirking as he brings his hand down against Jongdae’s ass a few times. His tongue darts out to wet his own lips at the soft flesh darkening to a pink. Jongdae moans loudly, pressing his face against Lu Han’s lean stomach. His hips sway as he pushes them back into Lu Han’s hand, silently begging for another spanking.

“What do you want?” He whispers, squeezing his ass and pushing his cheeks together. “You just want me to spank you until your ass is sore? You gonna come from that?”

Jongdae groans and rolls his hips back against Lu Han’s hands. “Fuck no. I need your cock.”

“How bad do you need it?” Smirking, Lu Han flips their positions over, pinning Jongdae against the bed.

“So bad that if you don’t fuck me, I’m going to tie you up and fuck myself down on your cock.” Jongdae whines and mouths kisses up Lu Han’s neck. He spreads his legs as Lu Han runs his hand down his thigh. Jongdae ruts up against him, shameless in his moans and his puppy dog eyes.

“Oh. I’m kind of interested in seeing that, really.” Lu Han pulls his hand away and cups Jongdae’s chin, tilting his head back and kissing him hard, biting at his lip and tugging on it. “I want to see how your ass looks when it’s bouncing on my cock.”

“No! Fuck me now. Please.” Jongdae whines louder. He rubs himself against Lu Han more, drawing him in closer and not caring if he was smearing precome all over their stomachs. Their cocks line up, pressed flushed against each other’s’, both hard and hot.

Lu Han rocks his hips down quickly, reaching over to his nightstand for the lube. Jongdae mewls, squirming and desperately rolling his hips up to meet Lu Han’s, toes curling up. Lu Han digs his knees into the bed and tugs Jongdae’s hips up more, struggling to keep Jongdae from moving too much.

“Would you fucking stay still for a second? I need to stretch you out.” Jongdae stills. Shivers tremble through him as Lu Han drizzles the lube down between his cheeks. His entrance twitches when he feels fingers press against it.

Lu Han circles a finger around the ring of muscle, teasing it in and relishing in the sharp intake of breath from Jongdae. He pushes it in more, breathing becoming more ragged. Jongdae is tight and he’s loud. A few incoherent words tumble from his lips before twisting into a moan. Jongdae claws at his arched back, streaking red lines down it.

“I can’t wait to feel your tight ass around my cock.” Lu Han groans. He’s impatient and he’s already trying to push another finger in. Jongdae encourages him, hooking a leg over his waist and pushing down against his fingers, choking out moans that he tries to muffle into the hollow of Lu Han’s throat.

He might be impatient, but Lu Han takes his time with loosening Jongdae up. He thrusts his fingers, curling them up and pushing them in as far as they’ll go. He only adds another finger when Jongdae begs for it, hips grinding down with his ass sucking Lu Han’s fingers in deeper.

“Think you’re ready, baby?” Lu Han leans his forehead against Jongdae’s, lips grazing along his gently. Jongdae nods and pants heavily with moans breaking through. He whines as Lu Han’s fingers slip out and his muscles clench around air.

Lu Han reaches back into his nightstand, pulling out a condom. Jongdae uncurls himself from around Lu Han and grabs the condom from him, ripping the package open and wiggles down until Lu Han’s cock nudges against his cheek. He opens his mouth and takes him in quickly. Lu Han moans, bracing himself against the headboard.

Jongdae bobs his head fast, the wet sounds his mouth makes fill the room until Lu Han’s cock pops out of his mouth. It smacks his cheek, but he doesn’t care if there’s saliva and precome all over his face.

He rolls the condom down along the length of Lu Han’s cock, pumping him a few times to make sure he’s good and hard. He smirks up at Lu Han as he grabs the lube, pouring a generous amount on his hands before working it along his cock. “God, your cock is so big and hard. I want you balls deep in me.”

The words elicit a growl out of Lu Han. He drags Jongdae up and pats him on the ass, rubbing his fingers against his puckered entrance. Jongdae’s hips buck and he whimpers, turning pliant under Lu Han’s touch. He rolls over onto his stomach, positioning himself until Lu Han’s cock slips in between his cheeks. His cheek leans against the bed and he reaches back, smacking his ass cheeks and letting them jiggle around Lu Han.

Lu Han groans under his breath, grabbing hold of Jongdae’s hip with one hand and using his other to tap the head of his cock against Jongdae’s twitching entrance. He pushes in and they both moan out breathlessly. Jongdae whimpers, dropping his hands against the bed and tugging at the sheets.

“Fuck yes.” Jongdae’s trembling, hips stuttering with broken jerks. Pants fall from his lips, disappearing into Lu Han’s pillow. He nuzzles into it and his back curves against the bed.

“How deep was it again?”

“Balls deep in me, Lu. Balls. Dee—oh!” Lu Han cuts him with a swift smack against his ass. “Fuck, spank me more, please. It feels so good with your cock in me.”

Lu Han smirks and rubs the red cheeks, smacking him harder as he bucks his hips, thrusting forward and pushing more into Jongdae’s yielding body. A choked gasp slips out of Jongdae as Lu Han holds him still. Lu Han’s pace is erratic and rough, slamming his poor excuse of a headboard against the wall with each snap of his hips.

He kisses down the dip of Jongdae’s back, feeling every tremble and shake taking over his body. His grip tightens around Jongdae’s hips, moaning as Jongdae rocks his hips back, ass bouncing as he fucks himself back on Lu Han’s cock. Lu Han growls against Jongdae’s heated skin, running a hand up to his shoulder and gripping it tight.

Jongdae cries out, crumbling underneath Lu Han when he picks up the pace, fucking him long and deep. He tightens around Lu Han’s cock and it takes him over the edge. Lu Han pounds into Jongdae, thrusting in all the way and moaning at the sound of their thighs slapping together, of Jongdae begging him to not stop. Heat coils and rushes through him, mixing in with the pleasure that consumes all of his senses.

“C-coming!” Jongdae chokes out, throwing his head back and shuddering as he comes, falling apart even more as Lu Han keeps thrusting, harder and rougher. Feeling Jongdae’s walls convulsing around his cock, Lu Han’s pace falters and he gasps, coming into the condom with a muffled moan against Jongdae’s shoulder.

Lu Han’s chest rises and falls in sync with Jongdae’s. There’s a stutter in Jongdae’s breathing as Lu Han pulls out slowly, sliding down next to him. Jongdae curls into Lu Han, resting his forehead against his shoulder and running his hand down to his cock. Lu Han bucks his hips, closing his eyes for a moment while Jongdae tugs the condom off.

But he watches Jongdae, eyes locked with his as Jongdae lifts the condom up to his lips and tilts his head back, tongue sticking out to catch the come sliding out. The condom’s tossed to the side when Jongdae decides he’s gotten all he can get. There’s come all over his lips and he swallows what’s on his tongue.

“You better not fucking kiss me with my come on your mouth.” Lu Han groans, shaking his head and pushing his hand against his chest when Jongdae tries to attach himself to him. Jongdae smacks his lips and grins.

“You’ll kiss me if it’s all gone?”

Warily, Lu Han nods and watches as Jongdae swipes his tongue over his lips. He puckers his lips, rubbing Lu Han’s chest and coaxing him to take him into his arms. And that’s what Lu Han does. He gathers Jongdae up in his arms and pulls him close, kissing Jongdae square on the lips.

Jongdae licks his way into Lu Han’s mouth and with his tongue, he rubs the come against Lu Han’s own tongue. Lu Han pulls away quickly, grimacing at his own taste. “You sneaky little shit.”

“You taste like heaven.” Jongdae hums, snuggling into Lu Han.

“That’s the biggest lie I’ve ever heard,” he rolls his eyes and tightens his arms around Jongdae, holding him close. It feels right to have Jongdae in his arms, to relax and share his bed with him. It’s not something he can deny, not after what they just did.

Maybe he’ll end up framing a name on his wall after all.


Lu Han doesn’t wake up to just any alarm the next morning. He wakes up to the smoke alarm blaring loudly through his house and the smell of something burning.

He vaguely remembers the night before as he slides out of bed, tripping over his empty beer cans and a bottle of lube, barely stepping on the used condom. Scrunching his nose up, he drags his boxers on and stumbles out into the hall. There’s a veil of smoke filtering out from the kitchen.

When he walks over to the doorway, he pauses in his step and frowns. The smoke is curling up from the toaster. But what catches his attention the most is Jongdae. A frilly apron is tied around his waist, perfectly exposing his ass to Lu Han while he’s standing on top of a stool, poking at the smoke alarm with a broom.

“What the fuck, Jongdae?”

“Oh, good morning!” Jongdae whirls around. He loses his balance on the stool and tumbles backwards, gracelessly landing in Lu Han’s arms. He kisses under Lu Han’s chin. “Great catch. You have me falling all over for you.”

“You’re kidding me. This is the complete opposite of a good morning.” Lu Han steps up on the stool and disables the smoke alarm with a sigh.

“I was gonna make you some toast, but yeah. Unless you like burnt toast then tada!”

“Are we seriously soulmates because I want someone who can cook toast without burning it?” Lu Han kicks the stool over to the side, hands on his hips as he stares Jongdae down.

“We are one hundred perfect soulmates! You have to know this is for real now, right?” Jongdae pouts, shuffling over to Lu Han’s side and sticking himself against him.

Lu Han shakes his head slowly. Unconsciously, Lu Han rubs down Jongdae’s back and around his hips, pulling him closer. “I think I’m going to need some more convincing.”

“I don’t mind that.” Jongdae grins and nods, hugging Lu Han in a tight squeeze. Before he could steal a kiss, there’s a knock on the door and Lu Han’s already pulling away to answer it.

It’s a worried neighbor who becomes even more flustered when Lu Han answers. Lu Han raises an eyebrow at her. “Yes?”

“I heard the alarm a bit ago, um—is everything okay?”

Jongdae yells from the kitchen, “mom! I’ve become a man now, aren’t you proud of me!”

Lu Han blinks at his neighbor and closes the door.
thesockmonsterthesockmonster on November 7th, 2014 09:45 pm (UTC)
Jongdae crashing into Lu Han's life and leaving it a wreck is my favorite thing ever! This was hilarious. I was shrieking over Jongdae the entire time!

“Because we’re going to live together. I already decided it.”
I knew I loved Jongdae at this moment precisely.

Bless Lu Han stressing himself out. Thank you for this wonderful story!
chenstalchenstal on November 7th, 2014 10:25 pm (UTC)
This was the perfect combination of adorable and sexy! I loved the characterization of Luhan and Jongdae, their personalities complimented each other since Luhan was definitely a pessimist (from experience) though Jongdae had a innocent sort of surety that he and Luhan were going to be the "prefect two" despite the age difference.

Kudos for Baekhyun/Kyungsoo, they were snarky and adorably compatible with each other!
miomumiomiomumio on November 8th, 2014 10:40 am (UTC)
I'm in love with your story! It was funny, it was sexy and it was a bit sad too.
JJ ♥mrs_nogood on November 9th, 2014 01:59 pm (UTC)
lol one must love bratty Jongdae here :'D

I love that kid if he gives our poor Luhan a headache.

"Jongdae yells from the kitchen, “mom! I’ve become a man now, aren’t you proud of me!”"


I almost fell off my chair while laughing

thanks for this lovely read <3